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Flexible Staffing Solutions

There is no denying that among all the factors that are required to make your business a success, the one which is most important is having a skilled resource to work for you. It is not difficult to hire a number of persons, but what is difficult is to hire the skilled person.

In the competitive market, one cannot afford to make a single mistake with unskilled workforce as one wrong step can push you miles back.

Thus the best way out is to go for staffing solutions with a third party who possess an eagle’s eye to look for right resource for you. This mechanism is called staff augmentation or subcontracting.

Staff augmentation services aid in the following ways to achieve your business objectives:

Flexible business solutions

Intelligent prioritization of resources and training

Leverage new technologies with ease

Can attain huge business benefits

Control over resource allocation

Helps in Migration from Legacy to Modern

We at Scrumlink are pioneers in providing staff augmentation services especially US staffing solutions by understanding your business needs and requirements. We take the responsibility to provide the resources of defined capability that will keep you ahead of the race in the enormously growing business market.

What We Have Got for You

Being professionals in providing staffing solutions, we have developed an understanding for the appropriate skills suiting your projects. We have segregated our staff augmentation services into following groups:

Contract staffing

It serves best at the times of emergency when the work load increases up to a certain limit and there is utmost requirement of a skilled staff for a specific project. The contract can be of varying duration and is also subject to renewal if required.

Employee hosting

It allows the company to hire new skilled or ex-employees on contract basis. In case of hiring of ex-employees, the company has a benefit that the employee is already aware of the client’s working style and disciplines. So in case you have diagnosed an immensely valuable candidate, we provide you the way to hire.


On-site hiring implies that the employee is hired at the company’s office or work place and he or she is supposed to work there only. The employer has to arrange for the resources for the employee to work, but it carries a benefit of maintaining privacy.


It involves hiring the employees to work at an off-site location. The employer just have to outsource his requirement to us, and we’ll do the rest. The employer is saved from spending his resources on a new employee and also gets to save a lot of time and money.